ASPARAGUS BEETLE - Grubs and adult beetles attack both the stem and the foliage. The stems are eaten, and the leaves are stripped off. The beetle is easily recognised by square markings on it's1/4" long black body. Spray with permithrin or derris at the first sign of attack.

VIOLET ROOT ROT -  A very serious disease . The roots are covered in a purple mould. The leaves turn yellow and die. If the attack is not too severe, isolate the healthy plants, and destroy the diseased ones. If severe, destroy all crops and make a new bed on a fresh site. DO NOT grow ANY root vegetables on the affected site for at least 3 years.

SPINDLY SPEARS - Thin shoots appear instead of typical thick shoots. Generally caused by prolonged cutting the season before. Do not cut  or harvest after mid June.

SLUGS - The spears are gnawed away, making them unsuitable for the table. Sprinkle slug pellets around to deter the slugs.

FROST - Young shoots may turn black after a hard frost. Remove and destroy all affected shoots, and cover with sacking if a sharp frost is predicted.

RUST - Red/brown spots can appear on the stems and leaves during summer. Spraying doesn't have much effect, some remove and burn all affected shoots as soon as the problem is first noticed.

WIND ROCK - The roots are loosened due to buffering by the wind. This can lead to rotting, so support the stems during summer.